Access to healthcare in the US can be difficult, especially if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a healthcare plan included in your job package.

The US Government offers two main free healthcare coverage programs: Medicare (for those over 65) and Medicaid (mainly intended for low-income earners, pregnant women, and disabled people). 

But there are other types of assistance available. For example, the VA disability benefits, the worker’s compensation for those who suffered an accident at work, and many more. 

Keep reading to discover what health related aid you can access in the US.

Access to healthcare in the US

There are several social assistance programs designed to protect people's health.
Find out what they are and whether you qualify.

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Free healthcare coverage

Free healthcare coverage

Discover the requirements and documentation needed to access the main free healthcare programs in the US.

Help for the disabled

Help for the disabled

Find out the type of assistance you can qualify for when you are disabled.

Incapacity to work

work incapacity

We enlist the benefits that are available in situations such as illness or an accident at work.


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