Every year, the US government allocates millions of dollars to policies aimed at guaranteeing more inclusive access to housing at a national and state level. 

This is why there are a number of initiatives, subsidies, and programs aimed at providing rental assistance, emergency housing, and help with home repairs, among many others. 

Discover here all the housing related programs and general assistance to which you can apply. Read about requirements, options, and conditions in this guide with information you simply won’t want to miss.


There are several programs aimed at ensuring greater access to housing in the US.
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Some topics that might interest you

Rental Assistance

Rental assistance

Find out what help you can get to find an affordable place to rent when you are on a low income.

Emergency Housing Assistance

Emergency housing assistance

Are you worried you may have nowhere to live? See what emergency housing help you could get to avoid homelessness.

Home Repairs and Improvements

Home Repairs & Improvements

Do you need to repair your home? Or are you looking into installing solar panels? Read about the many government programs that can help you with making improvements to your home. 

Home Buying Assistance

Home Buying Assistance

Buying a home can prove difficult, especially as a first time buyer. Find out about the available government programs that can help you purchase your dream home.