According to the numbers released by the U.S Department of State, the States receives over a million immigrants on a yearly basis. Many of them come with the intention of working and developing their careers. While others arrive in unfavorable conditions and with the aim of rebuilding their lives.

The US government understands the migratory process isn’t easy.  So no matter if you are a work immigrant or an asylum seeker, knowing your rights and obligations would be key to integrate into the American society.  

In this section, you’ll find out about visas, citizenship, your rights and obligations, available programs, and other immigration related aids that can be applied for in the US.

Information and available help for immigrants

Are you you new to the US?
Find out here about the existing aids you can apply for.

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Living in constant fear shouldn’t be an option. Find out here what you need to know to apply for asylum in the US.

How to apply for a US visa or residence permit

Visas & residence permits

Explore the available US visas and residence Permits. Find out about the requirements, eligibility, and application process.

How to get US citizenship

US citizenship

The United States recognizes different paths to citizenship. Discover the conditions you must meet to apply for US citizenship.

Other Help for Immigrants

Other help for immigrants

Explore what other help is available to immigrants in the US.