Providing for your family is not always easy. Fortunately, in the US there are a number of programs which offer economic aid, tax relief, and social benefits to families in need. 

The type of help available varies significantly, depending on personal circumstances and the State you live in.

The aim of is to provide clear and correct information regarding the social and financial assistance available to families in the States.

Available help for families in the US

Learn about the type of assistance, subsidies, and benefits that you can claim for your family.
Check if you are elegible and apply today.

Some topics that might interest you

Families with disabled children

Families with ill or disabled children

Explore the help you can get if you have one or more children with an illness or disability.

Low-income families

Low-income Households

Discover a list of financial assistance and tax credits you can claim if you are on a low-income.

Adoption in the US


See how the adoption process works. Learn what to expect and what help you can get if you decide to adopt a child in the US or abroad.

Family leave

family leave

Find out about maternity leave, paternity leave, and any other work related benefits you can claim as a parent.

Other help for your family

other help for families

See what other help you can request to protect your family.


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